Can I take my pet?

– We love pets but they are not allowed aboard the train.

Can I buy one way ride?

– Ticket per person applies for the round trip on the same day. You cannot buy the ticket for a single trip.

Does my little child pay?

– Children in arms under 3 years old do not pay.

How are the tours to the Zipaquira`s Salt Cathedral and the Nemocon`s Salt Mine?

– Each plan is independent and you cannot visit in the same day the two attractions if you want to return by train to Bogotá.

The visits to these attractions are planned so you can board the train again in Cajica at 03:15 pm.

If your interest is to spend all the day in Nemocón or Zipaquira, we recommend you to take a specialized tour.

Where can I board the train?

– You can board the train at:

Down town Bogota – Sabana Train Station: Calle 13 No. 18-24.

North of Bogota – Usaquen Train Station: 9 Avenue No. 110-08.

Can I reserve the seats?

– No, we don’t make reservations but you can buy the train tickets online at www.turistren.com.co by clicking on the buy tab, you will be directed automatically to the page of Tuboleta where you will be guided throughout the purchasing process, you can claim the tickets at any of the points of Tuboleta or at any of our two train stations.