Sabana Station

Calle 13 No. 18 – 24
Phone number
(+57 601) 316 1300
(+57 601) 375 0557
Attention hours

Monday till Friday 8:30am. – 5:30pm.
Saturday: 8:00am. – 5:00pm.
Continuos hours.

The Sabana Train Station in Bogotá is a neoclassical style building, designed by Mariano Santamaria and built between 1913 and 1917 by the English engineer William Lidstone. Decoration and ornamentation were executed by the Swiss sculptor Colombo Ramelli. This building replaced the old station built in 1887 for the opening of the railway between Bogotá and Facatativa, becoming the central station of all train lines to the capital of Colombia.

It was opened the 20 of July of 1917, during the Government of José Vicente Concha and it was used as the headquarters of the “Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Colombia (FNC)” and the “Ferrocarril de la Sabana de Bogota” until the year of 1991.

In 1984 the building was declared as a national monument due to its historical and cultural importance.

Since the year of 1993 it became one of the most important boarding stations for Turistren.