Safety Rules

Safety Rules


– The itineraries, fees, locomotives and passenger cars are subject to change without any notice as our operation demands.

– Turistren S.A.S. reserves the right to control the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and exclude from the train ride, without the right to claim, any person who may cause some scandal or problem to any of our crew member or to other passengers.

– Our goal is to make all the efforts in order to ensure the compliance of our itinerary; however we will be not responsible for any damages caused by delays or schedule changes.

– All the passengers in our ride are covered by an accident and life insurance policy according to the directions of the CONCESSIONARY and INVIAS.

Turistren S.A.S. is not responsible for:

– Accidents to passengers because of the consumption of alcohol or any other prohibited substances.

– Accidents that may happen with a noncompliance of the safety rules, or in an irresponsible behavior.

– The loss of personal belongings.

– We will do as much as possible in order to collaborate all visitors with the tour service to the Zipaquira`s Salt Cathedral, Nemocon`s Mine of Salt and the return back to Cajica, without it to be a must do commitment from Turistren Ltda.

It is forbidden:

– To take out your head of the window.
– Travel on the access of the train car platforms.
– Allow children walking between train cars.
– Travel on the ladders or roofs train cars.
– Smoking inside the train cars.

Any damage caused by passengers to the train cars must be cancelled by the group leader.