The Savannah Touristic Train

In 1992 four friends in love with trains dreamed with the idea of rescuing the heritage of old trains powered by classic locomotives and have a presence in the Savannah of Bogotá. TURISTREN was borne, a private company owner of The Savannah Touristic Train.


When the Colombian national railways company was liquidated, the classic locomotives and passenger cars were abandoned at the mercy of the weather in the courtyards of the old train workshop and others were sold as metal scrap.


In 1992, Turistren signed a contract to acquire the right of use of the railroads and also requested to the Colombian Railways Fund of Social liability to sell the old equipment that they could refurbish.


The first train ran the 29th May 1993 under the name “Tren Turístico de la Sabana”, with a classic locomotive, passenger cars and a cafeteria car, all of them completely renovated.


It is a pleasant ride where there is no room for bad times, in which both, young and adults, have a direct contact with the beauty of the landscapes of the Savannah of Bogota and the history of one of the most important Colombian means of transportation, since the first half of the 20th century until the end of the seventies.


The Savannah Touristic Train is the ideal plan for locals and foreigner visitors in Bogota, Colombia.


Our fleet consists in 03 diesel locomotives, 03 Autoferros and 04 classic steam locomotives all refurbished by Turistren.